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Frequently Asked Questions

(and answers)

Do you have a shooting range and when can we shoot?

We have a 30 yard and a 20 yard range in our facility as well as video archery range known as BowSim4D. Our ranges are always open when we are and you can schedule time in the video range by giving us a call.

Who can use the ranges?

Anyone who wants to shoot archery can use the ranges!

Generally children up to the age of 12 we request a parent to supervise the activity.

We have people of all ages, sizes and abilities that shoot here, and if you have an equipment problem or question while on the range, our technicians are available for assistance! It is especially fun to get the whole family together shooting – the competition sometimes gets intense!

To be able to shoot in the Techno-Hunt video range, the only requirement is that the shooters can shoot from 20 yards and have arrows that can have the field points replaced with the provided blunt tips (shooting through the video screen is understandably prohibited). We do have specific broadhead and crossbow targets for those who shoot those types of arrows & bows.

What types of training/classes do you offer?

The Intro to Archery class is the very first and basic class lasting about an hour.

The next level is Archery 101 which is provided for those interested ages 8 and up. After this 6 week course we welcome all archers to move on to our leagues and our JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) Program.

What brands of bows do you carry? What about other equipment brands?

We carry Mathews, Mission, Bowtech and Hoyt vertical Bows. We also carry Ten Point, Mission, Ravin, Stryker and Excalibur Crossbows.

We can repair just about any other make/model of bow that comes in our door.

We carry most brands of archery accessory equipment – if you don’t see it on our shelves – just ask! We can usually get your preferred item in a few days.

Can I try your product on the shooting ranges before I purchase it?

Yes. We have a small test range that is about 5 yards long at the side of our retail area for testing the bows prior to purchase. This will allow you to try several different models and be sure your bow fits you properly prior to going out on the ranges.

How do I know what to buy and if it is right for me?

Our technicians are trained to measure you to be sure the bow you choose fits you perfectly.

There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting bow – that will be reflected in your shooting accuracy, so we measure you and make sure that the bow you walk out with is perfectly fit to your individual needs so every shot is the best you can shoot.

I know nothing about archery but want to try – how do I get started?

While we believe everyone should have their own bow, we also understand that you should try it first.

This is why we recommend our Intro to Archery class – it gives you a taste of the sport without making a huge financial commitment. If you like what you see, we are here for you to start your journey into archery!

What about folks with disabilities – is archery an option?

Archery can be accessible to both the young, old, weak or strong.

With assistance, we have had a blind gentlemen shoot a crossbow in our range, and a noted 2020 Para-Olympian has shot in a tournament here. If you have a disability, and would like to give archery a try, give us a call and we will do our best to help you get started!

What else is offered at La Crosse Archery?

Besides the retail and technical repair areas and the ranges, La Crosse Archery also offers a snack bar.

The snacks offered allows shooters to sit and relax after shooting and enjoy some pizza, soda, and later in the evenings even a beer.

La Crosse Archery also offers Birthday Parties/Corporate Team Building Events as well. The typical party/event includes equipment rental, a coach to supervise safety and proper use of the equipment. The cost for these events is $17 per person and typically last approximately 1.5 hours.