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Our Facility

La Crosse Archery sports a 12,000 square foot building with a 20 lane 30 yard range and a 6 lane 20 yard range.

The 20 yard range is typically used for lessons and birthday parties, but when not occupied by those events, is open to the public.

Between the two ranges is a BowSim4D video archery range.

There is a substantial snack bar/observing area.

There are windows between the snack area and the large range, so parents or friends can watch the shooters while enjoying a soda or some pizza.

Our large range has a shooter safety system which aids in preventing accidents with people being down-range while others are shooting.

Our range rules are posted throughout the facility.

La Crosse Archery has a permit to serve beer.

La Crosse Archery appreciates the opportunity to serve our customers as well as the responsibility that comes with this opportunity.

La Crosse Archery also understands that there are often children on the premises.

We restrict the sale of alcohol until after 5pm on weeknights.

No one is served until they have finished shooting.

Should there be a group of children in the ranges after 5pm on a weeknight, we will try to refrain from serving until they have left, or notify the group leader of our intent to sell and be sure everyone is aware of the situation.