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Archery Academy

At La Crosse Archery, we offer premium archery training services for students at all levels of knowledge and expertise. We are committed to providing the most effective and innovative training techniques and strategies for our students. Archery offers numerous benefits for younger students and can help them to develop valuable social and physical skills that will help them succeed on and off the range.

Getting The Right Start

La Crosse Archery is committed to providing the most comprehensive range of services and learning experiences for our students and guests. We offer exceptional learning opportunities for beginners that focus on acquiring the basic skills and competencies necessary to progress in the sport. Our in-depth instructional methods are designed to bring out the best in our students. At La Crosse Archery Academy, we deliver a unique combination of fundamentals, fitness and fun to engage and entertain our students while they learn. This innovative approach to instruction allows us to appeal to students of all ages and provides the motivation they need to succeed in this competitive sport.

Activities for all ages

At La Crosse Archery Academy, we take an integrated approach to archery instruction that includes special events hosting for corporate events and activities for youth organizations throughout our area. We specialize in entertaining and educational events that provide real value for our guests. Our corporate archery competitions are designed to enhance team-building efforts and to promote a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among staff members. La Crosse Archery Academy can design custom events suitable for company picnics and celebrations as well. For youth organizations, we offer exclusive programs designed to educate and engage younger participants and to get them excited about the sport of archery.

Healthy exercise

Children and adults alike can experience the health benefits of archery training, practice and competition. Archery increases muscle tone, improves both small and large muscle motor control and provides a good cardiovascular workout for everyone in the family. The challenge and excitement of archery competitions and practices ensure that students stay motivated and eager to participate in the activities and form sets presented in class. Our certified instructors are experts in providing confidence-building activities and support strategies for students at every stage of the learning process. Our classes are the perfect way to instill social skills and self-confidence that will carry over into other areas of everyday life.

Unique educational opportunities

La Crosse Archery Academy offers custom-designed programs for home-schooled children that provide comprehensive instruction in archery in a safe environment. Finding the right physical education activities can be challenging for parents; we make it easy with classes designed to provide healthy exercise in a structured environment. Additionally, home-schooled children can participate in one of the competitive teams at La Crosse Archery Academy, allowing them to acquire the social skills and strategies necessary to work cooperatively with others. Archery is a lifetime sport, so early training can create the foundation for future achievement and growth.

At La Crosse Archery Academy, we are dedicated to promoting the sport of archery and provide the most advanced services and elite training available for our students and guests. Contact us to learn more about our academy or to schedule an introductory class today.

Archery Training

At La Crosse Archery Academy, we offer comprehensive training in the sport of archery.

We provide step-by-step instruction in a supportive class environment for beginners, intermediate archers and students at an advanced level of performance.

Our students typically begin with one of our introductory sessions. Ideal for families just starting out in the sport of archery, these one-hour classes focus on the fundamentals of form, range etiquette and safety. Students can try out different types of bows and shooting styles to determine which is best suited to their needs and preferences. La Crosse Archery Academy provides the equipment and expert instruction; you provide the enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. These low-cost exploratory sessions are ideal for families and provide a real knowledge base for parents deciding if archery is right for their children.

Intro to Archery

For beginners, we provide a solid grounding in the fundamentals of archery. ( Intro to Archery ) The sport is especially beneficial for younger students; the social skills and confidence learned in each La Crosse Archery Academy class can have a significant impact on other areas of the child’s daily life. Our courses are fun and lively, ensuring that children and adults remain engaged and interested in the learning process. Additionally, archery develops strength and accuracy. Students who practice archery regularly can give both small and large motor skills a thorough workout, allowing these children to achieve more in regular physical education courses. Finally, our beginning archery courses are designed to allow families to learn and compete together, creating the positive bonds that ensure lasting and healthy relationships in the future.

Intermediate Archery Classes

Intermediate courses (101) target specific areas for improvement and growth. Persistence and dedication pay off in the archery world, and the intermediate archery courses at La Crosse Archery Academy are tailored to reward these personal attributes and provide added motivation for students in achieving their archery goals. Forms training, increasing accuracy and building strength are the primary goals during this critical period in archery training; however, at La Crosse Archery Academy, we continue to place a significant emphasis on socialization, confidence and working as a team to achieve goals.

Advanced Archery Classes

Advanced classes at La Crosse Archery Academy are step three and focus on the skills and mental attributes necessary for competition at the top levels of the sport. Students at this level are expected to work with their own equipment and to practice independently between training sessions to improve skills and enhance overall performance. The competitive techniques and strategies we teach at La Crosse Archery Academy are designed to provide the competitive edge for our students.


Homeschooling and charter school classes are welcome at La Crosse Archery Academy; we offer custom tailored classes to fit the needs and times of all groups. Our certified archery instructors can create a custom learning plan to meet the needs of students and satisfy the requirements of the educational environment.

Dedicated to Excellence

At La Crosse Archery Academy, we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive archery education programs available. Our certified instructors provide a safe learning environment for students while delivering world-class archery instruction for students at all levels and of all ages. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative archery programs, or stop by to sign up for an introductory session. We look forward to meeting you.